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Our extensive knowledge and experience of various system architectures allows us to offer you a wide variety of solutions, while still maintaining concrete support for each system. We’ll help guide you to a system that suits your needs and budget. 

Why choose an Axpert inverter-based system?

The Axpert range of inverters provides an efficient, scalable and cost-effective solution for converting DC battery power to standard AC power. As an added bonus, they come with an integrated solar battery charger that allows you to add a significant number of solar panels to the inverter system and subsequently grow your system into a pseudo hybrid/off-grid power station. One of the primary pit-falls of the Axpert inverter is the inability to “grid-tie” – what this means is that, when combined with solar power, the inverter can only distribute solar power to circuits that are connected to the dedicated inverter output, these circuits are usually grouped for “battery backup” purposes and usually don’t include high power appliances, like geysers and pool pumps, which would benefit from solar power. This caveat is addressed by more advanced inverters, like the InfiniSolar and Victron ESS systems.


  • Lithium battery compatible
  • Flexible Solar-PV scaling (2-panel increment)
  • High overload rating when Grid is available
  • Parallel-able expansion
  • Highly customisable monitoring platform
  • Affordability


  • Can not “Grid-Tie” – can not distribute solar power to non-essential circuits
  • Battery level is compromised in order to distribute solar power
  • Solar performance is highly-dependent on load profile
  • Can not operate without a battery
  • Monitoring service fee

Why choose an InfiniSolar inverter-based system?

The InfiniSolar inverter is a feature-packed highly functional true hybrid inverter. This inverter is able to perform UPS battery backup functions and is integrated with an advanced solar unit which allows the user to connect a significant number of solar panels in series, providing significant cost savings with regards to string combining, fusing and surge protection. The InfiniSolar inverter is able to “grid-tie”- this simply means that it can distribute power to both the essential (battery back-up) and non-essential loads. The InfiniSolar is able to communicate with a special Energy Meter which allows the system to prevent export to the Grid. The InfiniSolar inverter is equipped with a dedicated generator input, therefore eliminating the requirement for a generator automatic bypass switch; the system can also be configured to automatically start the generator on a low battery condition. The true value of the InfiniSolar inverter is in its ability to blend sources of energy in order to supply the loads – this means that it can combine variable amounts of solar, battery and grid power to supply the load, unlike many other inverters that will operate in either solar mode or grid mode. GreenHouse provides a custom monitoring service for this inverter, producing a custom online dashboard for both your smartphone and desktop with regular system optimisation in order to maximise system performance.



  • Highly configurable, single box solution
  • Can “Grid-Tie” – distribute solar power to non-essential circuits
  • Can operate as backup-only, Grid-tie only, Hybrid or Off-Grid
  • Export Power Limiting (EPL) through special Energy Meter
  • Parallel-able expansion
  • 2 x MPPT’s on the 5kW InfiniSolar (Two different roof facets)
  • Highly customisable monitoring platform


  • Rigid PV scaling (Minimum 9 panels in series)
  • Monitoring service fee
  • Scarce availability & significant lead times
  • Limited parts & repair support

Why choose a Victron ESS?

Victron’s ESS (Energy Storage System) is a high-quality, highly configurable hybrid power system available for residential and commercial applications. The ESS is based on Victron’s prestigious battery inverters, the MultiPlus & the Quattro. A solar charge controller is then added to the system (or a grid-tied PV inverter) to provide solar input. The solar charge controllers operate at a relatively low voltage – meaning that obscure rooftops and minimal space applications can be accommodated, where high voltage solar inverters, like that found in the InfiniSolar, may be incompatible. The Victron ESS system may target zero consumption from the grid by supplying the loads from a combination of solar & battery. The system can be configured to reserve a specific percentage of battery for grid-outages only, a particularly useful feature in the South African environment. Victron provides an excellent, free smartphone monitoring app and online portal for monitoring your system, anywhere in the world.


  • High quality, robust equipment
  • Excellent documentation & support
  • Seamless component integration
  • Modular & scaleable architecture
  • Excellent remote monitoring and diagnostics tools (Free)


  • Several components required to complete a system – large footprint
  • Low voltage charge controllers require a number of additional components, like fused combiner boxes, output fusing and DC Bus-Bar systems

Have something more custom in mind? 


Prices are subject to final quotation and stock availability. Average daily solar generation is based on a north-facing roof facet with a 25-degree slope and no shading. Solar panel mounting systems are based on a steel-type roof structure and other type roof structures will attract an additional cost. The installation estimate assumes a single-phase installation and inverters are to be installed adjacent to the primary electrical distribution board and any non-compliant, existing electrical anomalies or additional electrical work will be subject to a quotation in order to execute.

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We specialise in the design of basic battery backup systems as well as smart hybrid systems, both of which guard against unreliable municipal power delivery, power outages and load-shedding. Cut down on increasing electricity costs with the addition of solar, providing an alternative and renewable energy source to your home’s power system.

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