Our Residential Projects

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Project Mike Romeo

Expandability is a key feature when identifying an appropriate inverter architecture. This client has been upgraded to a system that can deliver up to 40kW through the parallel connection of 4 x 10kW Hybrid Inverters.

Project Sierra Mike

 Sizing a PV Array requires consideration of several factors. The inverter maximum power point tracker (MPPT) voltage range is key, but adjustments must be made due to temperature, mounting method and transmission losses. 

Project Romeo Charlie

Our immensely popular single phase hybrid power solution. Powerful enough to take a modest home to grid-neutral status but with the flexibility to expand inverter capacity, solar power and battery capacity to suit larger and more demanding homes.

Project Golf Bravo

Using a professional PV array mounting system ensures your PV panels receive sufficient cooling during the hot summer months as well as keeping your PV module warranty intact by supporting the modules at the correct locations. 

Project Sierra Bravo

A unique project requirement where most of the north facing roof facet was reserved for solar thermal collectors. A professional A-frame mounting system was procured to install the remainder of the PV array. Inter-row spacing is a critical calculation that must be performed in order to prevent/mitigate row-to-row shading.

Project November Victor

This system maximises solar self-consumption by exporting solar and discharging the battery into the house micro-grid. The micro-grid consists of all circuits in the house, and not just the essential (battery back-up) circuits.

Our Commercial Projects

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Project Sierra Sierra

A fully autonomous hybrid power system providing battery backup on demand in the event of a grid failure with the ability to sustain rolling “black-outs” or extended grid outages through integrated solar power charging. 

Project Papa

A grid-tied solar power system where the PV array serves as a car port shading structure too!

Grid-tied solar power systems are an excellent solution for businesses to reduce their monthly electricity bills through reduction of their levelised cost of energy (LCOE).

Project Lima

A small and simple hybrid power solution provides UPS service to the office “Red-plugs”, coupled with a modest PV array to reduce consumption from the utility. The premium lithium-ion battery will provide service for more than a decade!

Project Bravo Foxtrot

Flat and low sloped roof’s allow dust to build up on the surface of the PV modules and is not routinely removed by the seasonal rains. An inclined system resolves this issue and allows the panel angle of inclination to be optimised in terms of annual energy generation.

Project Sierra Sierra

Realise rapid return on investment through a commercial solar power system and capture your energy independance through renewable energy. 

Project Foxtrot Yankee

A 3-Phase battery backup system providing up to 5kW of load per phase. A fully cloud monitored system providing UPS service to essential circuits.

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